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Fall 1996

Malaysia's Middle Way: Growth With Equity

Anwar Ibrahim, the deputy prime minister and finance minister of Malaysia, is one of Asia's most thoughtful up-and-coming leaders. He is expected, one day, to succeed Mohammed Mahathir as prime minister. His remarks are adapted from a speech delivered earlier this year in London.

Kuala Lumpur - Some time in the early years of the 18th century there appeared on the streets of London a sixpenny pamphlet, published anonymously, that was destined to cause the scandal of the century. Titled "The Grumbling Hive; or Knaves turned Honest," it was later described as the "wickedest cleverest book in the English Language." Bernard Mandeville, who subsequently surfaced as the author of the pamphlet, admitted that the work was mere doggerel. Yet it was a most damning assault on social ethics.

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