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Europe: The Post-Modern State and World Order

Robert Cooper, a British diplomat based in Bonn, is perhaps the most insightful geopolitical thinker of the present moment. Here we publish the first two parts of a series on the postmodern state.

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Bonn - Nineteen eighty-nine marked a break in European history. What happened in 1989 went beyond the vents of 1789, 1815, 1919. These dates, like 1989, stand for revolutions, the break-up of empires and the re-ordering of spheres of influence. But these changes took place within the established framework of the balance of power and the sovereign independent state. Nineteen eighty-nine was different. In addition to the dramatic changes of that year - the revolutions and the re-ordering of alliances - it marked an underlying change in the European state system itself.

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