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Summer 1999

The Personal is Still Political

Robin Morgan's latest book is The Word of a Woman: Feminist Dispatches (W.W. Norton); her new collection of poems, A Hot January, will be published by Norton in October. Morgan's Sisterhood is Powerful anthology was one of the feminist bibles of the 1970s

New York - The Clinton impeachment crisis is long over, but post-mortems, some book-length, have set in. This story generated an avalanche of detail, variously attributed to omnivorous all-news-all-the-time channels, declining journalism standards (the media now cover themselves); a celebrity-obsessed populace more interested in gossip than substance; a national decline in sexual morals; and "culture wars" between Christian conservatives and immoral Generation X-ers (products of permissive baby-boomer parenting: when in doubt, blame mothers).

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