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Special Issue 1997

The Post-Modern State and the World Order

Robert Cooper, a British diplomat based in Bonn, is perhaps the most insightful thinker on the geopolitics of the present moment. This article, the first part of which appeared in the Summer 1997 issue of NPQ, has been published in pamphlet form by Demos, a think tank and publishing house in London.

A copy may be obtained by contacting Demos by phone or at 011-44-171-353-4479 or by fax at 011-44-171-353-4481 or e-mail, website:

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and should not be taken as an expression of official government policy.

Bonn - This is a new world, but there is neither a new world order - to use the phrase that was fashionable in the early 1990s, nor is there a new world disorder - to use the phrase that is more fashionable today. Instead there is a zone of safety in Europe, and outside it a zone of danger and a zone of chaos.

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