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  Table of Contents

  Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Bill Moyers xi

Nathan P. Gardels xiii

Soul of the World Order
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Reflections on the Eve of the Twenty-first Century 4
Czeslaw Milosz
The Fate of the Religious Imagination 16
Akbar S. Ahmed
Media Mongols at the Cates of Baghdad 24
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Weak Ramparts of the Permissive West 44
Samuel P. Huntington
Civilizations at Odds 58
Ivan Illich
The Shadow Our Future Throws 68
Diversity and Nationalism after the Cold War
Isaiah Berlin

Return of the Volksgeist: Nationalism, Good and Bad 84
Pierre Trudeau
Against Nationalism 99
Carlos Fuentes The Federalist Way 104
Felipe Gonzalez
The Limits to Self Determination 109
Hans Jurgen Syberberg
Germany's Heart: The Modern Taboo 114
Bernard Henri Levy
Bosnia and the Diet Coke Civilization 125
Wole Soyinka
Hope and Horror in Africa 131
V. S. Naipaul
The Hindu Awakening 135
Ryszard Kapuscinski
La Raza Cosmica in America 142
Alvin and Heidi Toffler
Revolt of the Rich 156
Cultural Currents in the Last Modern Century
Octavio Paz
West Turns East at the End of History 166
Takeshi Umehara
The Civilization of the Forest: Ancient Japan Shows Postmodernism the Way 178
Shuichi Kato
Japan's Empty Core 198
Jean Baudrillard
After Utopia: The Primitive Society of the Future 214
Oliver Stone
Splinters to the Brain 221
Daniel Boorstin
A History of the Image: From Pseudo Events to Virtual Reality 230
How the World Works Now
Lee Kuan Yew
The East Asian Way 246
Michael Manley
Adam Smith Was Right 262
Akio Morita and David Rockefeller
Capitalism East and West: A Dialogue 274
Nelson Mandela
The Waning Nation State 289
Francois Mitterrand
A Smug Indifference to the Global Outerclass 296
Shimon Peres
The End of the Hunting Season in History 300